Wednesday, January 21, 2004

5 Weeks & 1 Day

Today is a lot better, I awoke in very little pain, not even enough to stray my thoughts from what I have to do. I haven't needed to take any paracetamol either, which is great. Let us hope it continues as tomorrow will be a big day, well afternoon.

Valentines is only 3 weeks away so it is time to start promotions for that day, so the jewellery will arrive on time. I even dreamt about how successful it was, that has to be a good sign.

The only hard thing today has been to keep Miranda focused on her studies. I know she is less focused when she wakes up in the morning and watches cartoons. I have to get onto hubby about that because I know she can do better then what she is at the moment. I just hope she finishes more then just her maths before the day is finished. We have already had 2 days off this week so she does have some catch up to do.

Jadeen and Erin have been playing well together, as they normally do, and I am glad of this as it makes my day easier. Right now they are sitting down, resting while they watch 'Treasure Planet'. It would be great if they went to sleep there, it would be great if I could go to sleep but I have a heap to do today and I plan on doing it gradually so it doesnt wear me out.

I am sure glad of the help we have, Kylie. She comes once a week to help us out with certain household chores. She is a blessing. We first started off with another lady whom was only able to do a few weeks before she found herself another, betterpaying and more personally rewarding. Kylie came not too long after this and has stayed with us even through the move we had to do. Kylie has just found herself another job which starts in about 4 weeks time but she is willing to keep us on as a private client. She has helped me out through morning sickness and now through akwardness. (I can only see my toes over my beachball unless I am sitting down.)

No baby news so far today, but will keep you informed.

Have a great day!

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