Tuesday, January 20, 2004

5 Weeks & 2 Days to go

I managed to get 4 hours sleep on the ice pack. I shall do that again tonight.

Today was not a big day but I have not had enough rest to allow the swelling to go down. Tomorrow, being Wednesday, I shall rest, doing only small easy and non-stressful things.

Today we got up late, taking our time to get ready. After dropping Jade and Erin at pre-school I headed off to mum's shop to deliver a calendar that my husband and I produced. Here is the picture which I drew to put on it.

It was rescanned at a higher resolution with a slightly darker outcome when put onto the calendar so there is more detail seen on it.

After mum's shop, which was real busy, we headed off to the shopping centre to do our weekly shopping trip. Nothing exciting to report here and after this it was off to pick up the girls and head home.

I am supposed to be having a lady drop around this afternoon to pick up some jewellery but she hasn't arrived yet.

Perhaps she is just running late.

It does not concern me too much if she doesn't turn up today as I am in too much pain to feel real pleasant.

Baby update - It has been a quiet day, more so then normal. This has been the first real pregnancy complaint I have had, in any of my pregancies. I can't complain as I have had less then most people and am still reasonably active, even if I have to go at a snail's pace.

Time to go put in a chook for roasting, a nice simple dinner tonight, will plan on making the filo pastries another night this week.

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