Monday, January 19, 2004

5 Weeks & 3 Days

Well today was a long one, but a good one. I think everyone in this household is learning patience.
I can't seem to walk much faster then a slow waddle, despite the fact I am smaller then some at 6mths pregnant. I also have an ailing memory which will get better once the baby is born.
After sleeping in, my alarm didn't go off till about midday, I got up and managed to get out of the house, with kids and husband in tow about 45mins later.
Note: I did not sleep till midday, that is just when my alarm went off.
We all headed down to Logan so hubby could get to an business appointment on time. He still can't drive due to his collarbone, so I am the driver. While he did that, the kids and I headed off to the Library to check out the books and drinking fountain. I am not sure which was of more interest, the drinking fountain or books. I think Erin found the fountain more entertaining.
Soon after, after some morning tea, it was off to pick up hubby and go for a slide at a nearby shopping centre. The kids had a ball and even the littlest was going down the high slide.
Made a contact for EP, well Tim contacted her while he had his hair cut and I shall get back to her later in the week in regards to setting up a showcase. It will be a big one and lots of fun. I need to book up a time to go see her with the catalogue so we can get her more excited.
Then it was off to the doctors so the injured hubby could get some more pain killers, mail box, bank (to bank money, always a good thing that) and then home with one short stop to satisfy cravings and the kids wanting to make jelly.
Jelly is a good thing, it comes as a powder which when mixed with hot water becomes runny, then add to that a little cold water, a lot of cold and it become firm. And it always tastes good, especially with ice cream or tinned fruits or something like that.
I think I will head off and make that shortly.
Baby News
Still only a small basketball sized bump but it sometimes feels a lot bigger then that. I have noticed recently that it is starting to get in the way and I am bumping it more and I find it easier to go through small gaps front on rather then sideways. All during my driving today it kept sticking it's tiny feet up and pressing against my belly, so I would retaliate and push them back down.
Time for jelly making, have a good one!

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