Sunday, January 18, 2004

5 Weeks & 4 Days
Had a great weekend though very tiring.
Have decided not to be a draino so will be watching what I say and do.
The kids had a great weekend with Sara (the babysitter)
Sara was a wonderful babysitter and the kids enjoyed their time with her - even Erin who always put on a show when mummy and daddy were home and about to go out to their next session for Summer conference.
The kids made a cake, some jelly, a little mess and hopefully were well behaved and allowed Sara to rest when needed.
I cannot speak anymore highly of how Sara handled the weekend and the fact that she is trustworthy, especially in letting us know if something happened that should not have.
She did well.
Baby update - still there, head down and sticking it's foot up to the upper half of my belly, like it is stretching it's legs.
Time to deal with the wet naked children and the one yelling into the fan in her fathers office

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