Friday, January 16, 2004

5 Weeks & 6 Days
So far this morning Jadeen and Erin have caught a baby skink (about 3cm long with it's tail on) and managed to loose it in their room. They have made a camp in the hallway between bedrooms with Erin's mattress and other miscellaneous items, and Erin (the two year old) has managed to tip over the chest of drawers she shares with her sister. These drawers are not small either and are heavy without clothes in them. I think it was helped over by the drawers being mostly pulled out at the same time. My 7 year old, Miranda, managed to right them without help from daddy.
No news so far on the baby front except that it has rolled over and now has it's back to my front and it still looks like a basketball, uneven basketball at that.
Time to get back to the clothes making so I can have something nice to wear during the remainder of this pregnancy, and something that fits also.

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