Thursday, January 22, 2004

5 Weeks to go

Today has been an interesting day, as are most days.

Miranda did her schoolwork while the other two headed off to childcare to celebrate Chinese New Year.
Jadeen & Erin seemed to have fun there today with all the art and craft and cooking. They painted a big box Chinese dragon, made paper lanterns and cooked fried rice and noodles for lunch. They kids really enjoyed this as they got to help with everything.

This afternoon was a good one, we managed to get a few promotion flyers out for the upcoming Valentines Day. One lady was real interested and was wanting to look at the entire range. She is going to call. There were a few who were interested and some who weren't, some who were nice and some who were rude. Overall it was a good day.

Miranda learnt some important lessons today during this.
They were :
1. Patience, you will get results if you keep trying.
2. To be nice to people even if they aren't nice to you and don't let it discourage you.
3. To just smile and say little, let them do the talking.

I managed to even get out the small amount of jewelry I took with me and show it to one lady. This is pretty cool jewelry, something there for everyone at cheap prices even if is good quality stuff.

After this it was a quick drive up north to pick the kids up, drop off my sister's PC and have hubby help my mum with a PC problem, then we headed home, closed a sale, forgot to pick up the dog's heartwormer, and buy take-away as a small reward for today's work.

Tomorrow afternoon I am off to do the same thing but in a different area. I hope people call so we can make the sales.

I shall head off soon to make the filo pastries, I just hope they turn out alright.

Baby News
I think it turned around today, it was feeling uncomfortable there for a while. It has still been hitting/kicking up high but I feel it has turned around so is now head up. It is currently hitting/kicking out to my left, below the belly button. I wonder if it will be a little girl or a little boy. Hubby is getting excited over the prospect of being a father again, which is good. He makes a wonderful dad.

Here is a good baby blog. I read it for the past 3 weeks, leading up to the birth. It is interesting and comical side to pregnancy and childbirth (very realistic also)

Sleep tonight shall be a welcome thing

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