Wednesday, January 14, 2004

6 Weeks and 1 day to go, and counting.
Today I put up the cot, with Erin getting upset over the fact that I put the small mattress in it. I think it is time to change over the carseats so she has time to adjust before the baby actually arrives. I hope that Erin will take the new baby's arrival well. Tried to show her the baby pictures but she wouldn't look at it.
On the plus side she is doing well in toilet training and uses the potty at preschool with no accidents. I am not too concerned about toilet training just yet as we can concentrate on that after the baby is born, it might be a boost to her confidence if mummy spends time helping her achieve this.
Miranda started school on Monday. Yes we started back a couple of weeks early but that is so she can take a couple of weeks holiday when the baby is born. This means Tim won't have to worry about what she is up to in schooling and he can just concentrate on being daddy, if he doesn't have to work, and host to his friends whom are due over at the same time as juniors arrival.
Jadeen has been a big help lately, getting interested in tidying up (especially sweeping). I have to organize a birthday party for her sometime soon, but first I need to work out how many little friends she will invite. This will mean talking to her teacher at preschool and hoping her friends turn up to church when there is no Sunday School on.
Tim is still unable to do up his shoes but thankfully he is becoming more mobile now that he has changed pain killers. Oh, incase you do not know, he broke his collar bone after a fall from his bike. He saved himself a lot of injury by wearing his helmet that day. Now I have a reason and story to encourage the kids to wear bike helmets when they are on their bikes.
Well time for lunch and I think a peanut butter sandwich is in order for today, before I have a quick nap and head out to buy some fabric so I can run up some clothes (I am growing our of everything I have except for the winter maternity clothes).

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