Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The day is only half over and already I am ready to pack it in for the day!

It hasn't been long, just I am exhausted and feeling the high temps we are currently having, along with the high humidity.

The weather thing on my PC reads - temp 30 degrees Celsius, feels 35, humidity 70%

The kid has also moved out of it's engaged position to sit high and press against my lungs.

Erin has lovingly spread rice across the tiles (it is the same colour as the tiles so not that easy to see) and then she did it again after i swept it up.

Raz Soondari

The dog, a keeshond, has decided it isn't hot enough under the patio and has gone for a walk in the sun. She is as individual as we all are in my little family. She is obedient when she chooses to be so, but she is not so disobedient that she causes trouble. She has never bitten the children or deliberately hurt them. She will sleep outside bedroom windows (provided she can hear or see in them). She will protect the house from strangers (by barking very loudly), rogue cats (or any cat really), the dog through the fence, birds on the ground and anything out of place. She has done us a good service in the past by alerting us to snakes in the backyard and she hasn't been silly enough to get close to them though.

Not too long ago she dislocated her knee. At first we thought she hay have had a paralysis tick (they are deadly to dogs) due to the way she was acting but at the vets we soon found out that it was a dislocated knee. $145 later and a shaved knee, it was discovered to have been an existing problem that could have developed when she was a puppy, without our knowledge. The vet seems to think it could also be up in her hip, the problem that is.

She has a problem called osteo-arthritis and her knee joint isn't formed as it should be, there is also a bow in her leg bones (cant remember the name) which shows it could have been caused when she was younger or even born with the problem. We have had no problems with her since then and hopefully it wont recur anytime soon as it is an expensive problem to fix and well, we don't have pet insurance and now we wouldn't be able to get it to cover the operation. The operation will cost roughly $900.

She is a good dog and so we will look to raising the money, later in the year, for her operation as it isn't an emergency.

What was i previously talking about? I can't remember so I will have to read back. Don't you love the pregnant brain. Now I can't remember what I WAS going to talk about, even with reading back.

I did however, start packing my maternity bag and start thinking about getting baby things organized. I think I shall get into that this arvo when Kylie is here.

I now remember what it was I wanted to say here. I can't wait for maternity leave! Bad side to that though, I work from home and school from home so that means I don't get maternity leave, not like those who work out of the home and get paid to stay away from work. I am starting to struggle in schoolwork and I am only teaching grade 3. My concentration wanes and the urge to lay down and rest is getting stronger. Today was no better with the kid pressing against my lungs and feeling a little disorientated and dizzy. I think this high blood pressure thing is going to have to be carefully monitored as I do not really want to end up in hospital with another ceaser or being induced.

Well there is still half a day to go but it shall be a rewarding, if slow, one.

Have a great day and stay safe!

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