Friday, January 30, 2004

It's A Girl!

Great news hey! Well not for me but for a friend. She delivered a healthy baby girl last Friday by caesarian. She already has one daughter (aged 7) who is now a big sister to a tiny tot. Her sister was brought into this world weighing a mere 5lb 10oz (small like her sister was when she was born). I am guessing she has a dark shock of hair like her sister as I am yet to see her. I will wait to go visit her though, until her mother has recovered from the caesarian.

This morning, Jade finished earning her reward of a pair of ballet slippers (jiffy shoes) and quite proudly put on her tutu and shoes and danced around for us.

Isn't she cute.
She had a great time dancing around for us and can't wait till Monday when she has a trial run at dance classes (mostly ballet for little kids)

As you can possibly tell, I am feeling a lot better today. Majority of the pain has disappeared and I had a good long rest, broken by frequent toilet trips.

I am sure this kid is a yoyo, it is up and down all the time, unable to decide which is the better position to be in.

The kids and I made a mermaid pool this morning. We found all the underwater toys we could find and put them in the paddling pool to make it as close as we could to an underwater scene. When the toys float upside down or have had tails chewed off it doesn't seem to have quite the same effect but fortunately the girls didn't seem to notice this and had a ball playing with the underwater creatures (along with the giraffe, zebra and robot). Now they are inside watching a few cartoons while I deal with business.

I want maternity leave!

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