Wednesday, January 21, 2004

It's my sister's 21st birthday today. I am glad I have a calendar to remind me
I sent her an e-card but I think I may have mucked it up somehow. Well I shall find out when she receives it.

Erin was mischievous today, first she took all the clothes I had folded up and threw them around the nursery, secondly she took off with one of her father's protein bars and tried to get into it, thirdly she took off with my makeup case and proceeded to go through it before being caught. She took it somewhere dark so she couldn't be found.

Jadeen has been good today, playing happily around the place.

Miranda just hurt herself, I guess that means she has hurt all her siblings, including herself in a 5 minute period.

Tim has just arrived home and it is now time to go deal with filo pastries and whatever I scrounge up for dinner.

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