Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Last post of the day, unless for some reason I get the urge to write.

Well the filo pastries never happened. When I got the box out of the freezer I read the defrosting instructions and it was a minimum 2 hours to defrost the pastry so it could be used. It was too late by the time I got it out so they will have to wait until tomorrow night provided I have the energy to do so. We had frozen pizza instead, well it wasn't frozen when we ate it, I heated it up first.

We also had lychees for dessert, they were yum! Hubby said they tasted like mouldy leaves but I don't think that they do.

Hall Of The Mountain King - Peer Gynt
Is a pretty cool piece of classical, if you can call it that.

I am just chilling to some nice classical music at the moment. It is pretty cool when you sit and listen, especially if a movie/play is put to these types of music. Jadeen is into ballet so she likes this type of music also. I wonder if she is into music as I used to do belly dancing while I was pregnant with her and she would become most active when the drums started up. She has a good sense of rhythm, balance and co-ordination. Miranda's balance and co-ordination has gotten better since she took horse riding lessons. We hope to start her back into that again soon.

It is 8.30pm, I think I will head into the shower, relax some and then head to bed, put my feet up while I can, especially since I am getting thrashed at online backgammon. But first I shall check on hubby to see how he is going on the promotions flyer.

Night night!

Baby News - It is being active, head down, feet up and prodding/kicking with it's feet. It had hiccups not too long ago also.

Now I shall go.

Night night!

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