Friday, January 30, 2004

Menu For Tonight's Banquet

Cheese & Ham Pastries - seasoned with fresh herbs

Oyster Blade Steaks seasoned with fresh herbs
accompanied by
onion gravy and steamed seasonal vegetables

Baklava type dessert with blue jelly, topped with cream and cinnamon

The kids helped me make up this menu for tonight's dinner and have helped to make the entrees and dessert. I am glad they like to cook.

A little bit about my day.

As you have already read, Jade now has her ballet slippers and danced for us. With Jade I also helped her do some work on her laptop. She got 88 out of 100 for her score, which I think is really good. She also helped make the pastries by putting ham on them.

Miranda did her two tests today and passed both after she had to make some minor corrections. She also helped with the pastries and jelly. Miranda is quite competent in the kitchen and this is a real blessing especially if i need someone to look after something i am cooking. Her patience isn't great enough to stand cooking a 2 hr meal in one go and she does love to taste test as she goes, but she is still and fine and dandy cook.

I try to teach the girls cooking from scratch and not how to just cook half prepared meals. We have done knife training (how to hold it properly and cut without cutting yourself, etc), hygiene, bread, jelly, toast, scrambled eggs and a few other basic items.

Erin has had cuddles as we watched some TV together and also some time out at the 'mermaid' pool. There have been various other things throughout the day, which currently escape me.

My girls have been really well behaved today and I think I know why. I have always known but at times it does escape me due to other distractions and stresses in life.

I think I will reward them with a chocolate frog, and myself, then have a lay down and rest while they play or watch cartoons.

Note: I am sure the meal will turn out perfectly.

Have a great day!

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