Monday, January 26, 2004

Pancakes & Iced Chocolate

That was the menu this morning for breakfast. As per the norm, when we have pancakes, it is a late breakfast, usually about 9.30am. It was good this morning as the pancakes turned out perfectly and when i sent hubby to the shop to buy cream he came back with something extra - strawberry milk for me and chocolate milk for the girls. It was a good breakfast and one we all seem to enjoy and be able to sit down for together. Of course the pancake mix was a shop bought packet mix but it works well and has very limited additives in it.

We try to be conscious of additives in our food and have found it helps the girls if we are conscious of this. We still have a lot of normal children type food in the cupboards and occasionally they are allowed a treat of buying their own lollies from the shop. As is the case in this country, and I am assuming in other developed countries, the people are becoming increasingly aware of what additives can do so they are starting to look for alternatives. We occasionally treat the girls to lollies, bought at our discretion, which are as natural as I have been able to find. Apart from the sugar in them they are pretty good (the flavour is better then some of the heavy additive brands out there)

Well time to get off this thing, for now at least, and be creative.

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