Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Phew! What a day!

It was probably not long in anyone else's sense of a long day but when you have 4 weeks to go in pregnancy it does seem a long day as it takes twice as long to walk anywhere as it used to.

I had a midwife appointment today. I prefer the midwives to the doctors as they seem more in touch with the women and a lot of them have had children also. It was a routine checkup, first the blood pressure (which was revealed to be a little high so have to keep an eye on it now), then the routine questions, measuring the bump, feeling for the baby (head down as per normal but close to being engaged), listening to it's heartbeat and discussing when the next appointment should be. I have to head back every week now until it is born. They also gave me a slip of paper so they could test my blood. That should be pretty normal I imagine.

I am not as big as some women out there but i can feel the uncomfortable awkwardness of carrying such a heavy load. I cannot wait to sleep comfortably on my back, and I do not care if I snore and keep the rest of the household awake either!

Apart from the routineness of this appointment, I also had school to teach for my eldest (we home school), dropping off and picking up of the younger two from childcare, grocery shopping and hunting for a present (I did not find what I wanted but then I only did go to one shop). I think, if I get the chance, I shall go hunting for it on Thursday and perhaps pick up some more baby stuff.

I need to get prepared, hunt through old boxes of clothes, pack a maternity bag (very least I should do) and work out what I need to buy/replace so I do not have to worry about it when the bubs comes.

Kids are going in the pool so perhaps I shall get dinner started (Sucker for punishment ain't I!)

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