Thursday, January 29, 2004

Pregnancy & Pain

These two things just do not go well together. Since you are carrying another person, whom is soley dependent upon you for it's life, doctors are reluctant to give you anything should you be in pain due to pregnancy caused pain.
Note : As you can see I am not thinking too clearly
As mentioned previously, my jaw ligaments have relaxed somewhat and this causes pain, the level of pain is dependent upon the level of activity i have done previously. I am guessing this week was just too big for me and now i am paying the price. The pain has been so bad today that it has been impossible to feel tired or concentrate properly and then upon taking some paracetamol the pain has only lessened to a state where i can feel tired again. I just hope this last lot i took recently will kick in and give me a short amount of pain free time or else i shall sleep on an ice pack tonight.

On the interesting side. I sat in the car today and watched hubby go to pick up the kids from childcare. It was surreal watching the toddlers come toddling out of their room for their afternoon play. They literally toddled. It wasn't funny, but just interesting. Jade and Erin were so happy to see daddy as he picked them up, they were beaming from ear to ear. But they are always like that and always seem to be playing happily when i pick them up. Jade did bring home a big pink butterfly which we will try to suspend in her room somehow.

Last Night
Last night we had about 3 mini blackouts followed by a 12 hour blackout. This is the third night in a row that we have had blackouts. We have been having a lot lately as there has been a lot of storm activity around here. We are expected to have another big storm tonight with possibly Friday and Saturday free of storms before they start back up again. I am glad we have plenty of candles and our camp torches still work as does our lantern. It is a bit of a bugger trying to cook though but we fortunately have a gas camp stove and the gas bbq.

Bubs News
It has been active of late, well today actually. I felt every time it moved. It feels really cramped in there and it has descended again. I don't know if it can make up its mind or not about where it wants to curl up. Not too much longer now. 4 weeks today in fact.

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