Sunday, January 25, 2004

Simple But Satisfying

Dinner that is.

I think that we shall accompany the kebabs with some rice and steamed veges. Julienned carrots and courgette and what ever else I can find in the fridge.

I did have a semi rest, inbetween looking after the kids and then getting up to tell the hubby it was time for him to go out. He forgot to watch the clock. Business was a no show so we all went out to lunch instead.
This arvo has been uneventful except for the making of the kebabs which are marinating/waiting in the fridge. I brushed the kids ones in tereyaki sauce and brown sugar while i added fresh chilli to the adult ones' marinade.

well it is early still but we have to organise dinner around hubby who has another meeting tonight re some volunteer work he is doing, so time for me to get off this thing and start thinking about rice...which we haven't got! How about pasta instead or mashed potatoes? I think mashed spuds will do the job nicely.

Have a great one!

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