Saturday, January 31, 2004

Things are swimming along at the moment, though the pool seems to be getting low on water as the fish grows too big for it's tank. It is like keeping a goldfish in a glass cup and expecting it to be happy.

The fish moves and wriggles, but doesn't get very far as it feels like the pool is shrinking in on it, an alive mass of muscle. It is yet to work out that all it needs to do is find an escape hatch in order to swim in a bigger pool that it will never grow out of.

The stand that holds the pool upright is starting to feel the weight of the growing fish, and it's legs are starting to creak and beg for more support. At least the filter seems to be working in top order and ensuring the water is kept in tip top condition while regularly releasing adequate amounts of nourishment so that the fish may grow bigger and stronger and successfully survive in the bigger pool.

No one knows when the fish will click and see the green exit sign above the escape hatch, using this to it's advantage. The fish though, shall not use this today as it is too busy trying to enlarge it's current aquarium.

Perhaps it will prove me wrong, only time will tell.

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