Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Well it is 3.11am and I am awake, unable to sleep and my lower belly has the hiccups.

I can't sleep due to being pregnant, no it isn't the bump or the sore backs or cramps but the fact that my jaw has decided that the past few days have been just too big and it is time to retaliate. I have a problem of a relaxed jaw. As per normal pregnancy, the ligaments in the hips and lower back usually soften to allow for the pregnancy, mainly due to the influx of hormones in the system. This problem seems to have crept higher and situated itself in my jaw. The main problem with this is that I cannot take anything stronger then paracetamol to ease the pain, without having it affect the baby too. Therefore it is easy to see that I would like to have this child now and get over the pain.

I hope I can sleep tomorrow, err today, this morning.

We have about an hour and a bit before the sun rises and the new day is declared, so that means I have about 4 hours before the kids wake up. I am glad they are not early risers.

I think I may go try to sleep on the ice pack again, hopefully the cold will numb it and not further aggravate the problem.

Nighty night, err morning!

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