Monday, January 19, 2004

Well they did it, they turned the lounge into a mess. It looks like a snowstorm has hit the lounge. They spread rice packing material, what I call puffy stuff, all over the lounge floor and due to their playing they have spread it even further. They are about to learn to do as mummy said and clean it up. This is just one of the joys of being a parent, encouraging kids to listen.

On the good side, my curry did turn out alright but having a pregnant brain doesn't help and I missed out a few ingredients. It should have been cooked for longer but I had to get it done before hubby disappeared into the night for a business meeting.

Our grocery order also arrived this arvo, allowing me to close a jewellery sale and put toilet paper in the toilets. I am sure the kids will thank me and anyone else who needs to use the loo.

I made up a goal chart for Jadeen tonight, well it is more of a record of the points she is getting. What I have done is found a picture of a pair of ballet slippers (which is what she wants) and drawn lines on it, and each line goes up in 2's. By the time the whole picture is coloured she will have earnt her ballet slippers. She expressed this to me this arvo and I know she is really interested in dancing, especially ballet, as she always talks about it and dances around the house. I hope she doesn't take too long to achieve this goal of getting the slippers and when she does get them that she looks after them.

I think it looks like I will be cleaning up this lounge tonight, and the TV room also (the 2 yr old spread dry rice everywhere)

Time to get to work!

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