Monday, January 26, 2004

You are probably wondering why I have so much time for this site. Well, I am not ignoring the kids or the hubby, just doing it while they are busy elsewhere. At the moment the kids are in bed, or supposed to be in bed, and the hubby is watching the tennis while surfing the net. (He is more of a nerd then I am)

I thought I might take this time, before I head to bed, to write up a little bit about college.

College Life

10 years ago, roughly starting at this time of year, I headed out fresh from highschool and into college. This type of college was a total shock to me due to the fact it had been the last choice on my list of places I wanted to go to. I really wanted to be a park ranger and not a cook/caterer. I was out of my depth but fortunately knew one person from primary school there. It didn't take too long to make friends and settle into the life of an associate diploma business catering.

We made a variety of different type of meals there, ranging from the bakery to curries, to stirfries, desserts and even offal (crumbed deep fried calf brains aren't that bad) There was a mix of different cooking styles in there also. I remember, once, making the perfect mushy peas. They were so good that my teacher had to go and give the other teachers a taste. The were mostly english teachers. It was here I learnt my cooking skills, book keeping skills (not really but I tried, in between passing notes to friends), how to rise bread, how to stay awake and how to keep a tray upright when I am carrying drinks.

College was for two years, but since I had a teacher whom didn't seem to like me, I had to do an extra half year (2 classes a week). The teacher also disappeared and took all the test results with him so the school was unable to follow it up with him or verify what had been written in the report.

My friends at college were varied and there were some interesting people. Basically most of the class stuck together and were a group of friends with only breaking apart for lunch times. We all seemed to work well together and those, very few, who didn't seemed to drop out anyhow. Occasional some of us would go nightclubbing and just not go home, just returning to college the next day without more then a couple of hours catnapping. Those were long days.

I know I haven't really said anything in here but I have said a lot and there is so much to tell I just would not know where to start. I do want to say something though. A big thankyou to my dad (whom is having minor cancer surgery this year) for supplying me with most of what i needed to get started in college. He provided a uniform, knives, some text books and a few other miscellaneous items. He had previously finished a course similar to the one i was starting and so he passed on those very useful and expensive items. Of course I had to take the uniform in but it was welcome.

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