Monday, February 09, 2004

Bub News
Today was the day!
9th February 2004 at 21:40 Mercedes Jean came into the world. (Pronounced mursaydeez gene)

Heres the story starting at 7PM
7:00 I was next door helping with their new computer that I decided to rebuild it so brought it home. Got home and Jude said the cramps (contractions) had strengthened.
7:30 had dinner
8:00 Jude rang hospital and they said to come in - contractions 1.5 minutes apart
8:15 We were screaming up the highway. How come there are no cops wanting to stop you when you have a legitimate reason to speed?
8:30 Into birthing suite
8:45 - 9:00 Inspections and scans. Contractions very regular and painful
9:05 we were told to relax and wait. She would probably be put on a monitor so take advantage of being able to move while she can
9:10 I started writing this
9:11 Jude is having a contraction
9:13 another one
9:14 another one
Every minute or closer now
9:19 monitor is wheeled in and hooked up
9:35 contractions seriously happening since - Judith moved to bed - Internal exam shows head crowning - Waters not broken so midwife broke - Jude pushed and yelled
9:37 head crowned
9:39 head out
9:40 baby out - it's a girl
9:43 placenta delivered
10:05 all phone calls made, baby wiped off and checked out. Judith all ok.
Listen to her crying here on Tim's blog and photos to come soon.
She weighed 2.88Kg.

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