Thursday, February 05, 2004

Got Dinner Plans, Will Not Travel!

Ok, just so you know, the topic has nothing really to do with this piece i am about to write, apart from the fact that my day did include travel and dinner has been planned.

With the younger two at childcare, Miranda did well at her schoolwork, I managed to get a rest and I organized what I was planning on doing this afternoon.

I was supposed to have a cooking date with my 5yr old, Jade, but she turned that down to watch cartoons. Miranda also turned down the chance to help cook in order to watch cartoons also. I can't complain as things probably went twice as fast as if they helped. Perhaps they will want to help next time I decide to offer them a cooking lesson.

Today's kitchen culinary experiments were - preserving fruit. As per normal, each week we receive a F&V box, this week i requested a special change to ours and made it majority of fruit. With the wonderful array of fruit we were able to fill a few bottles (still leaving some to be eaten normally) and preserve them.

The concoctions I produced were -
Apple & Passionfruit
Banana & Passionfruit (cooked together to reduce browning)
Pear, Kiwi Fruit & Orange
Black Grapes
Green Grapes

Later I hope to get together a few tomatoes, chillis, capsicum, onion, garlic and herbs to make a sauce which the hubby shall enjoy.

Tonight's menu

Roast Pork (using a different recipe from the one I tried to cook crackling with the other day)
Mashed Spuds
& Whatever Veges Are In The Fridge/Pantry

Dunno Yet!

Bubs News - None but it is due 3 weeks today!

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