Sunday, February 08, 2004

Hi Hi Hi!

Our menu over the past couple of days has been nothing special, especially since I have not felt up to cooking while the hubby was out at his LAN games. He regularly does these as a way of encouraging different people into the church. Computers being what he specializes in and it being his way of giving to the church.

My weekend consisted of trying to amuse the kids while trying to get rest. These things don't combine well and nor does an early bedtime when mummy is tired and grumpy. I did however start on making the hubby's valentine's present and manage to read a 10 page letter from a pen pal. She sure has a hard life compared to mine. I am very fortunate with how things are here. I won't talk anymore about her as she hasn't given me permission to share with anyone else and I would not want to ruin her trust.

Had a good lunch at mum's today. First time in a long time that we have sat down and had lunch together. The kids annoyed their auntie (14yrs old) who didn't want to play with them but still got made to do things with them.

I am just rambling today as I am not really sure what to write or say in here.

Bubs seems to have changed position today, being more head down then before, or at least getting to the right spot, but I can't see anything happening for a while, despite the fact I have my bag packed and did most of the ironing yesterday. Also cleaned the windows on Friday, something that I have been meaning to do for a while. I seem to be getting the fiddly cleaning jobs done, just one of those strange things I guess.

Gotta go, discussing birthday plans with sis.

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