Monday, February 02, 2004

It's 11.42am and the carpet in our W.I.R. is getting replaced. The shower had an accident some time ago and decided to start leaking through the wall and into our cupboard. We have had the cupboard replaced, the walls painted and now the final step, the carpet replaced. Oh yes, we also had the shower resealed and now there is no more problems of it leaking.

Today the bubs had hiccups,and was kicking, and Erin, along with the rest of the family, put their hands on to feel it move around. Erin is warming to the idea of a baby in there I think. This is a good sign!

We started school today, well for this week that is. Miranda did the first set of pages in both science and english, up to the checkups, and Jade even wanted to do some learning so between hubby and I we took her through the first section of her ABC's. We are learning phonics so we take one sound at a time for now (especially since it isn't formal schooling yet). If there was a link on the web (and i could find it) I would add it, but there doesn't seem to be one for their school. Jade learnt A for Ape today, skipping over the unnecessary parts. When she is older, we will restart this and do it through properly.

This arvo proves to be big and I only hope i can make it through alright, especially as hubby goes out tonight and i will be putting the girls to bed. Let's see how much rest I can get now.

Sleep well, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!
Have a great day!

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