Monday, February 09, 2004

Miscellaneous Ramblings!

The words tumbled from her lips but they were incomprehensible. She muttered the same words over and over again as her eyes lay gently closed. Those around her looked up occasionally to see if she was fine, then they turned their eyes back to their work again. They wore white, starched uniforms and bent over desks piled high with files, a computer nearly hidden from sight in one corner.

Her hands went to her rotund belly, rubbing it in small circles. She held her breath for a moment before loudly exhaling and standing up straight. The pain had passed for the time being and she slowly made her way towards the waiting cubicle.


So how has your day been? Mine is nothing like the one described above, fortunately. My day is just beginning and I hope to do a lot in it yet. On today's menu is banana cake. Unfortunately I have no vanilla but it should be feasible to make it without this, or perhaps I can take a short trip across to the shops to purchase some of the missing ingredient. Tonight's dinner will consist of something apart from PIZZA! Lunch shall consist of, well food. I do not think I would get away with serving the girls air with a side of.......more air. It will probably just end up as sandwiches in the air conditioning.

While Miranda works hard (I hope) at her school work, I sit here, trying to rest a little while the other two have a break time in front of the TV watching a few little kids cartoons. Well watching is what they are supposed to do but that doesn't always happen with Jade & Erin as they are too active to sit still for very long. (10 mins later) I have just had visits from both of the girls and Miranda (I had to mark her work and go through what was to happen next).

Home schooling is working well though sometimes concentration wanes a bit due to her sisters being around her and the fact I am not sitting over her like a hawk. She is doing alright today. She does well most days, provided she has had breakfast, no cartoons and some type of activity (to settle her energy levels). So far so good.


Bubs News - It's still there


Time to check the laundry and make cake!

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