Monday, February 02, 2004

Nope she didn't need cleaning up, she did a good job by herself on daddy's bed.

Dance Class

Jade had her trial dance class today. She was tentative at first and wouldn't continue the class without mum or big sis. She did enjoy herself though I do not think she has the confidence or courage to do it herself. I think we shall wait a little longer, though I hate having to do that. She is like her mum was at that age, and loves to be around people she knows but not about new people. Miranda and Erin joined in the class as well and both had a ball with what they were allowed to do. Perhaps Jade will be ready to do what she enjoys, in a group situation, later on in the year.


While at the bank today, or more so on the way out, the kids were being little rascals. Erin tried to steal off with the pen/pencil box while Jade locked the front doors to the bank. No one was upset by this fortunately and we did manage to get all the pens back onto the table. I think Jade had locked the door in order to stop her sister running off from mum. They were good kids while there and on the way to, and from, the car they played statues upon the rocks in the garden. What I mean by statues is that they stand in different poses upon the rocks until i have had a chance to look at them and have passed by. I do not discourage this as it harms no one and the rocks are only a few inches high.

Note: Snores are coming out loud now!

Labour Short Stories
She was the first to be born just over 7.5 yrs ago.
My waters broke in the early hours of the morning, about 4am, and after having rung the hospital we were instructed to come straight in. Still nothing happened, not even a niggle, well maybe a niggle but no pain associated with it. For her birth we had chosen to go into the major city to have her, the hospital was old and the next year would be upgraded/rebuilt.
Anyhow, up to the labour ward we went, and after a routine consultation it was discovered she was breech but nothing was happening yet. The nurses left me alone with a hot pack for my back and hubby went home for some rest, as nothing was happening and first births are expected to be long ones.
At about 7.30am things started to happen with the worst contractions I have felt as they were mostly contained in my back (due to her posterior position). Another examination and i was told to be fully dilated (in the space of half hour). It was then up onto the bed and into the stirrups, not the most comfortable position. I was fortunate with this birth in that they didn't have to use forceps or the vacuum method, I only received an episiotomy which was done without pain relief, and it did hurt.
When she was emerging from her nice warm cocoon it was discovered she was also a footling breech, meaning that they come out feet first. She though, had one foot out first, with the other wrapped about her head. That was a painful, back wrenching experience. So after 1.5hrs of labour she was born, long and skinny at a size of 5lb 15oz. (i think)

Now this was simple, the easiest and most pleasing of all the births, as far as actually giving birth is concerned.
She started the same, a few hours before labour, the waters broke and we headed off to hospital. Note: This was the first time in ages we had also gotten all of our friends together in the same place at the same time and I missed most of it.
Upon getting to hospital it was straight into the examination room (as most other labour rooms were full up) to work out what was happening. She was short and sweet to deliver. After 9 contractions (in an half hour period) she was out and on my belly with only 1 (might have been 2) midwives in attendance. She was born at 6l 1 oz.

She was different again.
My waters broke about 7am and so we headed off to hospital thinking this would be a quick thing. Surprise Surprise! Nothing happened except the real uncomfortable feeling of having the midwife tickling her feet (she was breech). With nothing happening after 5 hrs an emergency caesarian happened and while i rested in intensive care she was off in my room to be held by her grandma. Weighing in at 7lb.
There isn't really anything more to say about these, I promised short and sweet. I am not too sure about the sweet part but they were short.

That's it for now. Time to get the snoring man behind me into bed, after i remove the wardrobes contents from it's surface, and then get the girls into bed. i think I shall have an early night tonight, if it is permitted.

Nighty Night, Sleep Tight & Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

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