Friday, February 20, 2004


Well pain seems to be a common sensation in my husbands life recently. I am sure it is not deliberate and only accidents.
I received a phonecall tonight from him asking to be picked up from a different train station (he was at soccer) His reasoning being that he needed to get some steri-strips.
10 minutes later, with all the kids bundled into the car, it was off to pick him up and meet the sight that confronted me. I am not angry at any of this, just tired. He cut his head at soccer, apparently it was due to a collision between his head, his glasses and the ground.
We did find a chemist, as it was closing and purchased some of those steri-strips and headed home to patch him up. I am sure he will put the pictures up on his blog site sometime later.

It is 9.15pm, I am very tired so goodnight.

Note : Doug and Cathy mentioned we needed a live in nurse to deal with our little aches and pains. I am beginning to think they are right. I am fine for now, but hubby almost needs one.

2nd Note : This goes to show you that exercise is bad for his health.

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