Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Pork Crackling!

As smoke billowed through the house I realised that this was not the best way to cook pork crackling. The recipe I had used was not accurate unless there was some hidden instruction which I just could not see. It did not puff up and become crunchy, but it did change colour and the girls did enjoy it still. Fortunately I had only tried this with a small quantity first.
Not all methods are successful so i decided to go for the tried and true method (my tried and true method) of grilling on high until they started popping.
There was little or no smoke from this method, just a fatty mess to clean up later when it is cool, and they cooked in record time, puffing up and 'popping' till they were nice and crunchy. Salting them before cooking helped increase the puffing rate. These were more enjoyable then the previously deep fried batch and were that nice crunchy piece of skin.
I think we will have the roast tomorrow night.

Miranda did well in her school work today, especially with daddy's encouragement (he did most of it) as I was tired (still am) and could not concentrate on anything much this morning. He is learning what it is like to look after 3 girls, teach them and still have to work.

I have just finished work for the day!

Jadeen also did well in the little bit of school work we gave her, mostly colouring in.

Erin was just Erin, gave cute smiles and got into things (my maternity bag). She also deserted mum for the cleaner.

These kids love the cleaner, they think she is great and are always telling her things or following her around trying to help.

Hubby worked from home today, which was great as it meant i got the chance to get the prementioned rest.

Bubs is still in there,with just over 3 weeks to go and still active and laying on a crooked angle. It hasn't dropped or engaged just lying on a strange angle and is only small. The small size is a blessing but I hope it doesn't mean an unexpected home birth. I guess we shall see what happens when the time comes.

Tonight's menu consists of :

roast chicken
roast veges
and whatever I can scrounge up and make for dessert, maybe a pudding for those pudding lovers here.

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