Thursday, February 19, 2004


That is one way of describing my kids at times.

Remember how the babies used to hide/store things in their nappies?

Well the 2 year old does that, though she only wears a nappy at night time. She likes to wear things which enables her to hide little things, usually items she isn't supposed to have. A lot of the time she goes around naked so hiding things is a little hard, it is at this stage that she will then hide in a corner or down beside the fridge, etc. She is a little rugrat at times, choosing to make adventures of her own, mostly in order to play/keep up with her older sisters. She is funny at times and also trying at times. She is, I guess, a typical 2 year old trying to figure out life. Life has been confusing and busy, to say the least. I guess this is why she has been more trying lately.

Her sisters (Miranda, 7, & Jadeen, 5) are equally obtaining of the title of rugrats. Miranda can be Angelica at times while Jade is a combination of Chuckie & Tommy. Strange combination but it seems to work well for her. She will try new and exciting things yet be shy around people she doesn't know and even, around people she does know, go quiet and not want to try anything new.

Miranda is the talkative, my way or the highway Angelica. I do not think she is as bad as the cartoon character and knows her limitations (though occasionally tries to stretch them). She surprised me today by buying her sister a gum ball from the shop. It was money she was hoping to spend on herself but ended up sharing it with her sister who had the same amount of money but chose to buy what she had saved for (a tiny metal dinosaur). Miracles still happen!

Hubby - Hmm, what to say about him. Yes I could tease him as I know he will be reading this later but I won't. He is a wonderful man who works hard for us and supports us well. We all love him and treasure him. He also has bad timing especially if I am writing something about him or trying to do something nice for him. Fortunately for a computer I can shrink down the screen.


Well it is hot and the temperature doesn't look to be cooling down over the next few days. They say it will get to 41 degrees Celsius on the weekend. (41 degrees Celsius equals 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit )

Try this site for conversions - Conversions - online metric converter - US customary & metric conversions for unit measurements, and fractions to decimals


Well I am tired and hot and sweaty, so time to hit the shower, wake the bubs, feed her and head to bed for a well earned rest.


Miscellaneous Note

My Uncle Peter announced his engagement yesterday to a lovely lady named Martha. We met them today and she seems to be a nice lady. Uncle Peter has lost a heap of weight and regained his health and life. Congrats to them and best wishes for their future together.

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