Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Strawberry Quik & Marshmallows

What has this to do with anything I am about to say? Nothing really, except that the kids like both things.

This is just a daily rambling with nothing really to say but a lot to say.

Today Mercedes received a package in the mail. Her Great Grandmother (my grandmother) sent her a homemade toy dog. She has done that for all the kids when they were first born. It was a lovely grey furred puppy which now adorns her cot along with her few other presents.

Mercedes is a awake more now then she used to be and she is also starting to differentiate nights from days. During the night she sleeps in her cot (inside the portable bassinet thingy) and the day times are spent either in the pram or on the lounge floor. She is currently kicking around on the lounge floor looking at different things, like shadows, light and anything else in her field of vision.
This morning the girls were fighting over who got to hold her first, I let hubby deal with that as he was trying to squeeze in a little hold himself. (He has to fight to get his turn at holding her)

Erin woke up happy this morning, which was a great relief and happily allowed mum to sleep an extra hour this morning. Erin is now up and watching play school while I sit here and blog and take care of Mercedes.

Jadeen is visiting her favourite website, it is educational but made to be fun so she enjoys it. It is Stanley, a Disney Cartoon.

Miranda is taking a break from school as she has completed one test (I am yet to mark) and corrected a few mistakes in her other tests. We will be getting onto her English reading shortly. She does well at schoolwork, especially when she is focused, which is easier when her sisters aren't around. She had a good night at girls brigade last night, making a pillow to go in her treasure chest. Apparently there is a bush dance coming up also, which they get to dress up for. I think I need to talk to her teacher next week to find out more about this.

While Miranda was at girls brigade, the younger three and I headed off the Hungry Jacks to indulge in some chips with mayo, but mostly just playing in their playground to waste some time.

Not much else to say, except...... When can I go back to bed?!

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