Sunday, February 01, 2004

Sunday, A Day Of Rest!

Today was good, and even restful. I managed to grab a quick , well 1.5hr, sleep. The kids watched a movie while the hubby watched sport and read blogs (he is addicted).

This morning in church, the bubs had the hiccups and hubby thought it was funny as he rested his hand on the protruding piece of flesh (belly) and felt it bump (can't think of a better word to use) regularly. Next Erin had a turn and hers was the funniest of all. The look on her face was as if she was thinking ' So there is really something in there'. She retracted her hand quickly and watched my stomach for a little bit then decided she had had enough.

Yesterday, on the way to Redcliffe Lagoon, Jadeen made a funny comment when we passed the hospital which took care of her when her plaster cast had to come off (she was 30months at the time - she is 5 yrs now). She said " That is where they cut off my leg" When asked about if it was the leg or cast, she was adamant that it was her leg!

After church it was home to consume some freshly baked (not by my hand) cheese & bacon buns. These are a family favourite and we have them most Sundays with the odd change now and then. Lunch was yummy, especially since they were so fresh that they tasted good with butter (and I think I ate too many). Then the rest followed, and while the rest of the family was consumed in their pcs i took the time to play a little with Erin, do some laundry and suggest that we head out for a leisurely walk since i can;t do much more speed then a leisurely speed. We headed out and across to the shops, grabbed some milk and a lollipop each for the girls (including me) then we headed home. Upon reaching home ( a couple of minutes after the others but still with my support group - the younger two) we headed straight out and down to a nearby pond/lake. An estate is being built near this lake and also the lake was man made and looks pretty good. While there we went tadpole fishing, and came home with about 8 little black tadpoles. They are being kept in one of our spare tanks and I shall keep you updated with how they are going.

Right now dinner cooks, just another simple meal, just chipolata sausages with salad and left over buns. Nothing too special or hard lately as it is too hot to spend too much time over the stove top, unless of course I feel up to it.

Bubs News - nothing really, possibly and I mean possibly as i am a little unsure it even happened, I may have had a contraction, most likely braxton hicks. Bubs is still down but active. Hopefully on Tuesday we shall get an approximate size of the bundle.

If I feel up to it later I may even write down my previous labours so you can see how they went (nothing too long and too boring though)

Miscellaneous Fact : Out of interest, when chipolata went through the spell check on here, it came up with the word 'copulate' to replace it with.

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