Wednesday, March 03, 2004


2nd Hand

Aren't 2nd hand clothes shops great?

I think they are. Today I picked up a jump suit for the baby at a cost of only $2. Baby clothes don't really wear out, nor do they go out of fashion (unless they are one of a kind, only once in a life time would they wear that type of outfit). The outfit I bought today would have normally been $8-$10 in the shops and this one was as good as new and they even put it in a plastic bag for me. The plastic bag was free. The other good part about this is that I can just put it back into one of those clothes bins and it can get resold, thus raising funds for the less fortunate.
Now the baby has more then one outfit to wear at night times and I can get the chance to actually wash the other one.

2nd hand doesn't always have to refer to something that has been used, and then resold in a shop but it can also mean those hand me downs, something bought and never used, etc etc. I think all these things are relatively the same so I am just rambling here.

Feel Good

I feel good this afternoon for some reason. I haven't had a day time rest but I have started on my desk. I have worked only on the right hand side of my desk and that includes the inbox on that side (the inbox being an actual cardboard box). I have put in my request for a box with suspended files so I can store it under my desk and file away anything I need/want to keep.


Well with bubs asleep, kids happily watching Clifford or cutting paper into a million small pieces with a pair of blunt scissors or leaving wet soggy pool worn clothes about the house, I am off to deal with dinner.

What are we having tonight?

Crumbed fish fillets with salad


Possibly but only if I can work something up or it could just be the left over banana cake iced with lemon icing.

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