Tuesday, March 16, 2004


DVDs & Libraries

It has been a good morning.

After taking the girls to childcare (we got there 30mins earlier then normal) the 7yr old, baby and I headed off to the shopping centre. It was still early so there were plenty of good carparks available. With screaming baby in my arms, we quickly rectified her overtired hunger problem then headed off in search of a good maternity bra. (no pictures to be posted) Searched 3 shops and found what I wanted at the price I wanted (this is where I had originally looked at last week when the search started). Put it on lay-by then headed off to get some DVDs out (50cent Tuesday). Got some good ones, even one for the parents to relax and laugh to. Into the car and a short trip down the road and we came to the library.

The 7 yr old was excited about this, as she was getting her own library card. With that settled, it was off to find some books, for her and me. Enquired about their Tuesday morning story time and then headed off home. Bubs was screaming but once again we settled that and she is sleeping well now.

Read a funny story in a magazine, had a yummy lunch and now am going to take advantage of the quiet time to snooze. This day is only half over and it is already a great one. This arvo we hope to purchase some McD's fries and then early evening head out once more to girls brigade and a play in the park.

Have a great one and look to your babies for smiles!

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