Monday, March 08, 2004


Good Day

Hello to the world out there, more specifically, to those reading this.

How was your day today? Was it a good one? I do hope it was.

I think this is going to be just a general rambling since I do not have anything much to say in here.

My little bubs is now 1 month old, 4 weeks today, and still oh so cute. She must be enjoying the warm day as she is sleeping well today (apart from this morning when all she wanted to do was look around). She is still in the process of learning the difference from night and day. Last night it was not too bad, especially since she chose to be awake during a movie I wanted to watch. This gave me an excuse to stay up and watch "The Mummy Returns". Brendan Fraser is hilarious in it. I would mention the other characters but I cannot remember their real names, nor any of their character names either. I have an excuse, I am the mum to a newborn!

My 2 year old is good today, absolutely loving "Barbie as Rapunzel". I think all the three older girls enjoy that movie. It is a good movie, though it has twisted the Rapunzel story a little from what I remember it as being. In the movie there is a clear definition between good and bad, and how good triumphs over evil. Not quite what else to say in here, except that the girls like all three of the barbie movies.

The 5 year old enjoys them mainly for the dancing, music, and mystical creatures in them. After the first time we watched "Barbie as Rapunzel", she wanted to build/paint castles. We then cut out some carboard shapes to make castle pictures on the table. The second time at watching the film (and the extras that accompany it) she wanted to be an artist. She came and asked both myself and hubby. Then it was outside for some painting with the last of the powder paints. Their painting got a little confused as it moved from the canvas to their bodies. She was then a super hero.

Note: She had big B's painted on her and I am not quite sure what super hero she was. Super Bravo? Super B? Super Baby?

The 7 year old has been going great guns at her schoolwork and really helping me around the house (no complaints). She was a marvelous help this past weekend when we tidied up. She did all her chores properly and in record time, then helped out the 5 year old in her bedroom.

Hubby has been in a good mood lately too. I think things are starting to settle down in regards to work. No more stressed deadlines and clearer work plans. We did a bit of planning this past weekend, to do with our next week. Working out things and organizing them in order of priority, etc.

Well I think that is about it for now. Ramblings have finished so now I shall get onto tonight's meal.


Ham & cheese tortaline (sp?) topped with a creamy sauce.
Pork steaks topped with crunchy crackling
Accompaning this will be seasonal vegetables


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