Friday, March 26, 2004



Why green?
Well, I am currently decorated in odd patches of green coloured paper mache glue. It is icky sticky goopy gluey stuff.
This colour change to my skin signifies the beginning of preparations for the 5 year old's up and coming birthday party.
We are giving her an underwater sea theme and the paper mache belongs to the body of Occy the friendly octopus pinata.
Provided children do not get too excited, or disobey mum, then the pinata will last until party day. So far we are on layer one of the balloon, now all we need do is wait until it dries so I can get covered in green gloop again while listening to the wailings of bubs as the 2 year old wets the already dry laundry. I think the laundry will come off as soon as I put bubs down so it wont happen again, and I shall wait until all children are asleep, and put on the insect repellent.

Our plan for the party so far.
- dophins incorporated into a birthday cake
- Occy the octopus pinata
- Feed the shark (like pin the tail on the donkey but you are trying to feed a shark a fish - the shark is drawn on cardboard with paper fish)
- eels (lolly snakes), mini gummy sharks, pearls (mints or something similar), chips, might make biscuit oysters, lemonade, etc.
- possibly a treasure hunt with mini Easter eggs

Oh I forgot to mention, the party is the weekend before Easter.

If I remember then I shall keep you informed as to the progress of the party preparations.

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