Saturday, March 13, 2004


Party Time!

The girls had a blast today, partying hard at the indoor kids playground and cafe.

Their little friend, Joshua, turned 5.

Admittedly they did not actually play much together, but still they had fun and I think it would have been hard to play much together as there was just a heap of things to do and go on and everyone seemed to scatter, plus it was more for the parents (we all knew each other, mostly).

The 2 yr old was a little tentative at first but as soon as she was introduced to the play equipment she was lost in a wonderland until her tummy started to growl. She would come back regularly for a drink and part of her meal. She also enjoyed cooking up her pair of socks in the play house area. (That is where we found them after an extensive search of making the 7 yr old look through the ball pit).

The 5 yr old just wanted to play and I think the sitting in the party room was a little confusing at first, until her hunger won her over and she was able to take in the atmosphere. She delighted in giving Joshua his spiderman scrap book, which he would then be able to use for the stickers the 7 yr old gave him. The 5 yr old had a ball on the slide and in the end I had trouble getting her away from it, but she did as she was going to say and that was have a little play before leaving. The little play being only a minute or two while I searched for her sister.

The 7 yr old loved helping with the presents, especially when the wrapping paper was tough, and placing them in a neat pile so they didn't get mixed up with the wrapping paper. She was so excited to go that she even wanted to wear her party clothes to bed last night! I had trouble finding her half of the time due to the massive amount of play equipment. Her favourite piece was the giant slide.

I had a good chat to our ex-neighbours and the others who were there. As per normal, the baby was the centre of attention and I did pass her over to our ex-neighbour, who is currently pregnant at the moment. It was relaxing in the play ground as the kids could all do their own thing and everything was also monitored (mostly the slide) and in excellent condition.

We shall have to go back there again sometime, as a special treat to the girls.

Miscellaneous Note

The baby now weighs 3610grams, that is 300grams since I last weighed her about 10 days ago. They say the average weight gain for babies is 150grams per week. Do you think she is doing well? I do. (converts to 7lb 15oz)

Extra News

After hubby finished work for the day, we headed off to the beach to enjoy in the fresh salty breeze and sunshine. It was most relaxing. After the kids had a short swim, and a climb and explore around the rock poolss, we headed off to dinner at a local seafood restaurant. (Hubby's favourite. He ate his, mine and the kids fill in fresh seafood) We had fun there and ate heaps in the all you can eat buffet.

Needless to say, the kids fell asleep on the way home, or as we just got home, so they were exhausted from their fun day out.

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