Friday, March 12, 2004


Poor, Poor Little Girl

My little 2 year old doesn't seem to understand a few things that happened today.

We were making chocolates (melting chocolate and putting it into moulds with sprinkles to decorate) and she was being really well behaved and not eating the chocolate as it was going in. I think she understood that we had to do this first, and also the fact her older sisters were waiting also as they filled their moulds, rather messily. When it came time to fridge the chocolates, she started to cry and throw a tantrum, wanting to eat 'her' chocolates.

After a little talking to by dad (before he headed out to soccer), she was alright and even said sorry (in regards to her tantrum). She did calm down some once they were out of sight and even indulged in the coconut rough I made with the left over chocolate.

After a short trip out this afternoon, we came back and I offered her one of the set chocs. No way, she wanted the whole tray. I solved this problem by giving her the whole tray, minus all the chocs except for 2 small ones. She was happy with that. I will never understand the workings of a two year old mind! Well except for when I was 2 myself.

Enough said, time to take advantage of a quiet household and either 'indulge' in housework or some me time. I think I will do both, me time first, then laundry when cartoons are over.

Miscellaneous Fact

It was 80% humidity today, with a reasonable temperature of 30 Celsius, no wonder sweat was dripping off me, literally, as I sat still.

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