Wednesday, March 17, 2004


The Things Kids Do

Well you wouldn't believe it, or maybe you would. My 5 year old, after pretending to be Sinbad and thinking she was handsome, decided to pack her bags. Yes she emptied her drawers into a plastic bag, her backpack and bucket, and walked out the front door. She didn't stray far from home, returning a minute or two later to book into the 'Dragon Motel'.

Then she left again and came back and left again and came back.

I think she has arrived at her destination and has received warm welcomes from her sisters upon her final(?) arrival.

Nope she is heading out again, this time with her elder sister and her bag of clothes.

Don't look at me like that, with puzzlement upon your face. I am sure it is just a phase/game they are going through.

I can remember as a young kid, not that young though, when my friends and I used to build little shacks out of tree branches and old blankets and pretend we were leaving home.

That'll be the door Mavis (three small travelers arrived at the doorstep)
Your rooms are down that hallway and to your left. Please make yourself comfortable.

I had fun building those little shacks/cubby houses and we were able to do it on the vacant block behind our place. It was quiet back then and a lot more freedom to roam the streets then we have today.

We also used to catch tiny grasshoppers in that grass to feed my pet bearded dragon. Inbetween this block and mine, there was a stormwater drain, open planned and in good times you could find a tiny trickle of water along the base of it except at either end which was usually good for catching wild guppies and yabbies (small freshwater crayfish). This stormwater drain rarely had much water in it so it was quite safe to play in and it led down to the park and into the saltwater creek that started not too far after the park.

We had fun in that drain, I used to practice on my skateboard, rollerblades (never very good at either thing) and bikes. We would use it as a path between friends' houses, and in times of floods, to ride down it on boogie boards. It was never very dangerous and the parents quite often joined in also. When I was a kid it seemed huge but these days it isn't quite so big (though I have not seen it for a couple of years).

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