Friday, April 02, 2004


Family Update

It has been a while since I mentioned too much about my dear family.
I guess I have been caught up in other aspects of my life that has kept me distracted from recording their precious moments.
I have been busy most of this past week but feel that I haven't much to show for it. I know it is the munchkins that keep me at bay from doing properly what I set out to do.
Here they are, the four munchkins plus King Munchkin (don't think that is an appropriate title for him).

Munchkin #1 (bubs)
She is almost 8 weeks old and going strong. She was weighed at 7 weeks and 3 days and had put on a whopping 750grams since her last weigh in 3 weeks ago. Gaining an average of 250grams per week. She is now 9 lb 10 ounces (4366 grams). She smiles at us, obviously enjoying the extra attention she receives from her bigger sisters. She got heaps heaps of cuddles from her two eldest sisters during story time tonight.

Munchkin #2(2 yr old)
She is going through her terrible twos still, though I do not think it is that terrible, more of a communication and clothes problem. She interrupted a video conversation of her dad's today, she was starkers (which is normal for her) and climbed up into his lap. It was funny and fortunately the participant in the conversation understood since he has his own undressing near 2 yr old child.
She has also moved up in rooms at childcare. She was in the sprouts room (16mths - 2.5yrs) to the blossoms room. She seems to have adjusted well to the change.
At the moment she has just toddled off to her room to see if a glow stick, which she found, still works. Hopefully she will go to sleep while in there.

Munchkin #3(5 yr old)
She is excitable today, well this past week. Her long awaited birthday party is finally arriving, tomorrow. She gets to celebrate her party 3 months past the actual date of her birthday. She has a few friends coming to her party and possibly her babysitter also.
She has also had a blast playing with playdoh all week, which we received in a stationary order early this week. She is a very active little girl, needing something to stimulate her mind almost all the time. I think she took so well to the playdoh as they play with that often at pre school along with clay and it allows her to express her creative side. She has made jewellery, dinosaur eggs, turkey (which she carved with a plastic knife), aliens, and many other things.
She has also been improving her bike riding skills since she decided to take off the training wheels not too long ago. She picked it up real easily, as she is the sporty, co-ordinated sort.

Munchkin #4 (7 yr old)
Do I really have this many kids and I am only 27!
The 7 yr old has been doing well at school though she has been taking her time and making it drag out way too long. Today wasn't too bad and she concentrated pretty well, getting through all the set work in 5 hours (not including breaks). Her goal is to have all of her school work finished before Easter so that she can enjoy her holidays or even start them early.
She has really taken to cooking and takes every opportunity (if she realizes one is present) to help me in the kitchen. She even has a desire to run a small cafe to raise funds. Not sure what she wants the money for yet though. She also wants to grow and sell vegetables to raise money for spending purposes. I think we will put in a herb garden and strawberry plants, in pots and she can sell to us, provided she does the work for it.
I want to get 6-10 strawberry plants in the next 2 weeks and some hanging baskets so she can get started.

King Munchkin (Hubby)
Where to start......
He has been under a lot of stress with work commitments lately and now that things are starting to fare better he has visibly relaxed. He is a lot happier and easier to get along with. He overfilled his plate and now it has stopped overflowing and doesn't seem to be filling up any faster then it is emptying.
I do not really know what to say in here except that I am glad I have him and that he does make time for the family amid his busy schedule. He has been able to see his kids grow up more now then he used to, when he worked away from home. Soon though he will be starting some work that will keep him away from home for 4 days of the week. I know we will survive and that weekends will become extra special times with which we see each other, as a family.
I think that is enough said as I do need to go ice a birthday cake now, and decorate it with jelly fish, dolphins etc.

Party time begins soon!

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