Monday, April 26, 2004


Mary Cairncross Park

We had a blast yesterday with a small family outing to a park which is about an hour's drive north of where we live. We met up there with my aunty and uncle and their 4 kids (who happen to be similar ages to my kids), and my mum and sister.
We had a late lunch followed by a rainforest walk. After that it was time to enjoy the hillside scenery and icecreams (for the kids). There were a few artists on the side of the road just expressing the beauty they saw onto canvas'.

Pictures to come.

Miscellaneous Note

Bubs slept two nights of 11 hrs each night but last night she woke up at about 1.30am then 6am. Fingers crossed that she will do a good stint tonight as we have to get up before sunrise tomorrow to take hubby to the plane.

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