Monday, May 03, 2004



I just had to blog today's events. It was a special occasion for my eldest. She competed in her first horse riding event.

Here is the tale.

The day started early, but should have started earlier. We awoke early to the alarm to prepare for the proceeding competition. We were ready in record time. All piled into the car we headed off, minus the husband, to the equestrian centre. Upon our arrival, we noted horses already in the ring, being judged on their presentation. This was not a compulsory activity, fortunately. Hubby turned up at the start of the events.
Next it was time for the girls, there were no boys, to get on their helmets and prepare to ride. The beginners started first, walking their ponies around the ring until it was time for the obstacle course. M did well in this, especially since she had total control of the horse from the moment she was on it.
Then the intermediate girls had their go (they were swapping horses between events). Then it was back to the beginners and for their sack race. They started on one side of the arena and trotted over to the other side, which they would then dismount and hop into a sack and jump back to the other side of the arena. M came last, since she was on the horse which wouldn't trot and only walked, despite her attempts to make it go faster. The staff were encouraging and yelling and clapping for her despite the fact she did come last, out of 4 girls.
Intermediates again with a water race, then back to the beginners for an apple bobbing race. The girls started on the side of the arena, raced across, dismounted, bobbed for an apple (before the horse did) and then lead the horse across to where they started from, then it was back (riding) for another apple etc. M didn't want to bob for apples so hubby did it for her, that was funny.
The intermediates did a little jumping and then we had lunch (it was bring a plate lunch). After this it was ribbon time.
M achieved
1st - best groomed horse (I am still wondering how that happened actually since she wasn't there for it)
3rd - obstacle course
4th - sack race
4th - apple bobbing race

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