Friday, May 07, 2004


Fizzy Foot Bombs

Mix 1.5 cups of bi-carb (3 parts) with 1 cup of ascorbic/citric acid (2 parts). Mix well and break up any lumps in it.
In a separate bowl, mix 4 tsp almond oil, 5 drops of fragrant oil, 2-4 drops of colour.
When combined, add half a cup of powder mix and mix thoroughly and quickly. If it seems too dry, to stick together, then add a little more almond oil.
Press firmly into a lightly greased mold.
Turn onto a piece of cardboard, or something firm which it can dry on for the next 24 hrs.

Note: To make the recipe in full, it would use approximately 5 tbsp almond oil, 1 tsp fragrant oil and 1/2 tsp of colour.

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