Tuesday, May 11, 2004


I Remember When - My Dad Used To Own A Farm

This memory is a little patchy as it is over 18 years old.
When I was a little kid, my dad used to own a farm, in the scruby country section of Rockhampton. The suburb was actually called 'The Caves', as it was named after the fact that there was a lot of caves around the area, some famous locally due to their tourist attractibility.
The farm, I can't remember what was farmed on there if anything, had a couple of acres at the front and a long sloping dirt driveway. At the top of the driveway, and about halfway up the hill, was a couple of sheds. One of these sheds had been transformed into a home and over the years was added on to, to accommodate various step-siblings and siblings. There was also a kennel near the driveway which contained a gated doorway due to the ex-guarddog that lived there. He was a german shepard and named Baccuss.
I remember sitting on an old fashioned tractor as it was moving, shooting from an air rifle and getting a sore shoulder as I was not holding it correctly. I also remember the visitors, go-cart rides down the front driveway, being warned about the brown snakes that lived in the surrounding bush and green tree frogs the size of your fist being in the toilet.
The first time I ever went there I had to greet Baccuss through the car window as he was wary of strangers. He was quite happy to see me as my dad was relaxed and I probably smelt slightly familiar. In those days, and up to a few years ago, my dad drove an old Holden. (Cannot remember what model but it was very old) We used to call it a rolls canardly. It rolls down hills and can hardly get up the other side.
I also remember my step-mother being 'pyscho' and throwing plates in an argument. This was before the days that she was diagnosed as bi-polar(I think). She had two kids, Tanya and John.
Tanya was the oldest out of the four of us, then it was my sister Melissa, followed by John and then me.
My dad used to work in the prison in those days.
I think that is about it, as I do not seem to remember much more then teasing the dog with some guests' kids and getting in trouble for it.

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