Friday, May 21, 2004



The kids have had fun today. We started with them watching a few morning cartoons while I managed a little sleep in. We then had breakfast and talked about what we would do today.
So far nothing has gone to plan but I do not care.
We visited the pond, watered the strawberries and topped up the stream. After this, and a little bit of laundry we put on some music and danced around. First it was mixed music, then classical (swan lake) followed by some belly dancing. J got frustrated over the lack of excitement at first and walked away a few times before she got more involved. I tried to help them with the little dance knowledge I hold, but we ended up just jumping around and swinging kids around. It was fun, we all laughed and E has had a good fill of mummy.
E is a mummy's girl.
Lunch time and we dragged out the uncooked prawn crackers and had fun watching them puff up in the hot oil. The girls thought it was fantastic and even more so afterwards when they got to eat them. M even ate a banana which was a prerequisite for having chips.
With some more play in the lounge and bubs having tummy time on the floor, it was a few quick photos (not dl yet) and off to make potato stamps.
I really need to buy more paint since black gets boring after a while.
We made a heart, diamond, butterfly and star stamps from the potatoes, and then proceeded outside with our huge piece of paper to stamp. They had fun and did what kids normally do and get covered in paint. E covered her hands and feet and legs with smears in a few other places, in paint. I didn't get a chance to get a pic since I had to clean her up before beige walls turned black. It was funny really as she was proud of how carefully she brought the paint container inside.
Now J & E are raiding the fruit bowl while I do up this and feed bubs at the same time.

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