Thursday, May 20, 2004


Rental Inspection Update

As I figured, we did not pass our inspection and have to be reinspected in two weeks time.
I am not getting upset over this one but am going to give into my husband's pleas of getting a house cleaner. At least this way I can't take it personally when she knocks my ability to keep the house orderly. It must be one of those signs that I am not meant to do housework. Well I still will be doing it, just not as hard and as regularly as before.
Most of the stuff that needs doing will be outside stuff so it is time to don the sunscreen and hat, find something to dig up weeds with and spend the next two weeks working outdoors.
They say gardening is good for you.
Though I won't be doing this every day, as next Thursday I shall be taking off the day to go spend it with my girls and sister down at SeaWorld for my birthday. I turn 28.
Time to head off and prep dinner and become a little more organised with my work schedule for the next two weeks.

Dinner tonight will consist of a frozen pizza and salad/fruit

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