Friday, May 28, 2004


Thursday, A Day Late!

I am writing up yesterday, today, a day late. Mostly because I was tired when I arrived home and was dealing with an overtired toddler who insisted on tipping out her juice into a suitcase.
Yesterday, Thursday 27th May, was fun. Once we got past the 'I wants' it was a good day.
The day started off bright and early, at 6.30am. With most things packed the previous night, and the excitement of the girls, it was a breeze to get out of the door before 8am. We left at 7.50am. A quick stop at the corner shop for some fruit and we hit the road, traveling the 1.5hrs to Seaworld.
Note: This is the Seaworld on the Gold Coast, Australia
Bubs was good and slept most of the way, the other girls were good also.
I think we visited everything they had to offer minus a couple of rides.
We saw
Reef Discovery "Live Underwater Show"
Polar Bear Shores
Shark Bay
Quest For the Golden Seal
Dolphin Cove Show
Planet SOS in 4-D
Ski Challenge
We also visited Cartoon Network Cartoon Beach (little kids rides) while Aunty Jo and Miranda went on the scarier rides (corkscrew, pirate ship, log ride)
We visited the dolphin nursery, lighthouse, endeavour ship and many other attractions they had there. It was a full day of fun and trying to spend as little money as possible.
Lunch we had snacks, brought by me, hot chips ($7), and fairy floss ($3)
We did visit the chocolate shop and I treated the girls to a couple of lollies. I think I spent the least amount here ($0.90)
When it was impossible for us to get close to the action (due to prams/sleeping baby), I would send my sis up with the older kids to enjoy the show/action. They sat front row at the seal show and erin decided an apple would look nice in the water so that went in. While the other 3 were in Planet SOS, Erin and I played hide and peek until another little girl was brought out of the show cause she was being too loud (her dad looked upset since he had to bring her out and didn't get to see all the show).
After leaving, close to closing time, we headed to a nearby shopping centre for dinner and a wander until we knew it was time to go, so the kids would sleep on the way home.
I dropped off my sis (just as her boyfriend was leaving to go out drinking with work mates - he is another story for another time) and headed home.

Today we still recover from yesterdays big day and I think Erin has a cold or something as she is still tired and grumpy. She has just gone back to bed. I will let her rest as this weekend looks to be a long one for us all. Next week should return to normal though.

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