Tuesday, June 22, 2004


4 Sleeps To Go & Counting!

My eldest turns 8 on Saturday and she is visibly getting excited about it. The fact that we picked up a pair of jodphurs today didn't help. This is one of those birthdays when it is almost impossible to hide all of her presents. Especially since she has to try them before we buy them. She doesn't know about the presents her sisters have picked up for her (well the two which can actually go shopping that is). I am the silly one that chose to encourage her to continue with horse riding. I have so far bought jodphurs, riding gloves, and am to purchase a club shirt and boots.
Hubby is sending her to a day of horse riding and horse care (my one day off every school holidays).
She is having a party. I am considering (doesn't mean I will) putting a horse head on her cake. No not a real one but a picture of one. Or I may just finish the half done sketch and give that to her to put up on her wall.
So far, we have had 2 replies to her party. Her party will be at night, the closest I am getting to a sleep over just yet. We will watch a Saddle Club DVD, have a few games (pin the tail on the pony, pass the parcel and bust the balloon). I think, regardless of the number of replies, I shall have my hands full.

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