Saturday, June 12, 2004


Bush, Beef & Babies

We had another good day today.
It started off with a sleep in (till 8am but didn't get up till 9am), followed by cartoons and a relaxed start to the morning. After lunch we packed up and headed out to pick up a set of riding gloves (they weren't in but shall be in Tuesday), then shopping for hubby to return some defective shoes. With the money he got back from that he bought another pair of shoes and clothes for the three older girls.
After a short pit stop at the mothers room it was off to pick up my cousin Annette (9yrs old).
I don't know how Angie does it.
The older two have chatted non-stop since we picked up Annette.
We headed back off to the Boondal Wetlands to show hubby around and so he could induldge in picture taking. The kids had a blast and enjoyed the walk and chatted non-stop.
After this it was off to dinner to enjoy a nice unhome cooked meal.

Here is a gorgeous post card pic of my Mercedes.

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