Friday, June 25, 2004


I Remember When - I Used To Do Martial Arts

I started this when I was 14, for the main reason that it sounded fun and I had a friend doing it. The only problem with starting it was that I had to go alone as no one else in my family was interested in going along. Since I was a shy kid, this was a big step.
My friend, who went to a different dojo, had quit early on but, fortunately, this did not deter me.
It took me 3 years in total, and 2-3 days per week of training to reach brown belt. I advanced quickly up through the ranks and towards the end I ended up helping teach in a self defense class run by my sensei.
I failed my brown belt grading once. I never even got the finish it. I helped an advanced level reach their next belt by being their sparring partner in a weapons spar. (I fight with a long bow/staff). I even entered competitions and came out with trophies.
I placed 2nd in a girls and boys green belt spar, and 2nd in a kata (combination of moves). I really enjoy the thought that in the sparring, there was only one other girl and I do not think I even fought her. One other sparring competition I was disqualified for a head kick and actually hurting the male opposition (not in the groin but top of the thigh, inside the leg). I even had the whole crowd cheering for me.
I remember being so sore from leg squats that the next day I had to walk funny.
I was also kicked up near the eye once (my fault as I didn't block) and the toenail that kicked me caused blood to gush down my face and gave me a huge black eye (and I had to go to school the next day with a note for the teacher as to why I couldn't go snorkeling).
My shoulder was also dislocated once but popped straight back in place. Everyone through my arm was broken as they heard a loud crack, though I never felt any pain that I should have.
Also when I had to run 5kms up and down hilly and busy roads, in order that I may get my brown belt. I had to do this in under 30 minutes. I am not a long distance runner but a short distance sprinter. I am not sure how many times I actually did this run, too many to count.
In those days I was more muscle then fat and quite a few sizes smaller. I was as strong and fast as some of my boyfriends (faster and stronger then one) and I had abs, or a 6 pack. I also used to get chased by mosquitoes, walk home in the dark and watch a lot of Van Damme movies.
These were fun times and I hope I can get back into martial arts again someday.

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