Saturday, June 26, 2004


Kids + Shopping = ???

I thought I would post my replies here instead of doing them individually, for the comments I received from my "Mental Notes" blog. I have never received so many comments on one post before.
I guess that yesterdays shopping trip was more stressful then the others as we were in/close to 'arsenic hour' (Angie's term). This time of day is worse then normal if Erin has not rested. Erin is a strong willed 2 year old (almost 3) and at this certain time of day she gets hyperactive but that only lasts for a short time and most often can be distracted with suitable activities. When we go shopping at this time of day with her, she doesn't want to sit still and the trolleys contain flimsy definitely not child proof seatbelts.
We also go shopping in a shopping centre instead of one shop.
The girls are pretty well behaved and I am thankful that Miranda (now 8) will push the pram when needed. She does a good job of that and hardly ever runs up the backs of my legs when I stop suddenly in front of her. The girls don't tend to pull things off shelves and if told, they will put them back.
When I arrived at the centre yesterday I witnessed a mother yelling at her 6 year old as he wouldn't cross the carpark to go to her. She started threatening him with her leaving and that she wouldn't go back to get him. I would never do something like that with my kids, they know I wouldn't leave without them. In the past I have had the 2 year old run behind a reversing car so I am adamant that they must practice proper road rules regardless of how quiet the carpark is. They are good at that now and pretty much walk with me or I let them run ahead if we are on a path.
Also, during our shopping trip yesterday, I was quite confident in allowing the two elder (5 and 8) to go to the toilets which are in the middle of the centre. They know not to talk to anyone and go straight there and back, always going back to where they left me. They are responsible and I do not know why I get so worn out at times, maybe it is because they get excited by looking at the party goodies or lollies (which are placed along the back wall which you have to pass by when you go up and down the aisles)
I am sure they build supermarkets so that parents will give into their kids' constant asking (there are toys along the various different aisles and lollies at the counters etc)
The girls are reasonably polite as we insist, even at home, that they say please and thankyou. They know they won't get things unless they say those magic words.
My hubby thinks I have something wrong with me just because my energy levels aren't good, and maybe that is why I flopped at the end of the day.

Thanks Phillip, Angie, Alice and Cathy. Oh and of course Tim. None of your comments angered or upset me. It was good to hear from each one.

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